How to Properly Grease Front-End Kingpins

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In a recent Chevron Lube Matters article, we discussed the importance of using high-quality lubricants on wheel bearings and front end truck kingpins as part of a total vehicle efficiency approach. Not only is the choice of a premium lubricant critical, but so is its proper application.

The following correct procedures will help prevent kingpin component corrosion and wear as well as maximize the life of front tires. This video illustrates and details the below four-step process for correctly applying Delo® Grease ESI to front-end kingpins: for excellent protection and long component life.

  1. Preparation and Cleaning
  2. Applying lube to upper kingpin
  3. Unloading lower kingpin
  4. Applying grease to the lower kingpin bushing

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Leonard has worked over 25+ years in the Lubricants Business in sales, product line, training, and solutions focus with over 14+ years with Chevron Lubricants. He is Chevron’s Global Commercial Brand Manager overseeing the Delo Brand and product line strategy for Heavy Engine Oils, Coolants, Greases, and Automotive Gear Oils within Chevron’s family of lubricants brands. He has developed and led Chevron lubricants HDMO and Driveline strategy into low viscosity leadership with the launch of several key fuel efficient Chevron Delo branded products. He also is the Global Project Manager responsible for Chevron’s Delo PC-11 product launch into the North American, European, Africa & Middle East, and Asia Pacific Markets for the future. Leonard is a member of STLE and SMRP and holds several certifications including Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional (CMRP); Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS); Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA); Machinery Lubricant Technician (MLT); and Machinery Lubricant Analyst (MLA). He has also written over 35+ articles for various publications in relation to reliability, coolants, greases and heavy duty engine oils. Recent articles including “Breaking the Myths and Superstitions about Total Base Number”, “Coming Changes for Customers with PC-11” and a recent featured article in STLE Tribology & Lubrication Technology Magazine – “The Challenges of PC-11 – Q&A with Chevron Lubricants Leonard Badal”

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  1.' Jerry Fry aka 3 Axle Alignment guy says:

    I like to turn the Steers left and right during the process of greasing the king pins and the tie rod end.

  2.' Abner Baer says:

    Very good information.

  3.' Christian says:

    I jack the axle to remove the weight on the tires to make sure grease makes it everywhere when greasing the king pins.


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