Proper Lubrication of Wheel Bearings and Kingpins Adds to Fuel Efficiency

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We spend so much time talking about engine protection and performance that we sometimes overlook the other areas where quality lubrication is critical to vehicle efficiency. At Chevron, we take a holistic view of a vehicle’s moving parts – bumper-to-bumper. The engine, transmission, axles, front-end and trailer wheel bearings all represent opportunities to drive greater fuel efficiency, long-term durability and overall performance of on-road vehicles.

Axle wheel bearings and front end kingpins are a particular area of focus. The weight of a truck and its load literally rests on its wheel bearings. They require a lubricant that can handle extreme pressures and heat. Improper lubrication can shorten bearing and front end kingpin life and create a potential safety hazard. If the lubricant is not properly formulated for long life and high temperatures, bearings and front end kingpins can wear out sooner and lead to more downtime and lower equipment productivity. On the positive side, using a premium lubricant for wheel bearings and kingpins can deliver extended component life. We are also seeing a definite trend toward lower viscosity lubricants in these areas to help reduce friction and drag, which results in greater fuel efficiency.

Take a look at this 2-minute video that shows the results you can expect from the proper application of high-quality lubricants on wheel bearings and kingpins.

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