New Oil Categories Extend Off-Road Diesel Engine Performance & Protection

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loader_blog_101416_r1_bbThe main driver of the PC-11 initiative was the development of new types of diesel engine oils to help OEMs meet more rigorous fuel efficiency and emissions standards. However, fuel efficiency is less of a concern for operators of off-road equipment in construction, mining, agriculture or inland marine. Certainly, they want to economize on fuel, but diesel engine durability, reliability and extended drains are the driving forces for these operators.

The new API CK-4 oils deliver many benefits that directly address major issues with off-road equipment, including extended drain intervals, reduced engine wear, and ability to extend engine rebuild intervals.


Drain Intervals

Extending drains in bulldozers, dump trucks, wheel loaders, scrapers or mine haul trucks can produce enormous cost savings over time. When dealing with older oil categories, longer drain intervals come with the risk of piston deposits, increased wear and potentially shorter engine rebuild intervals as the oil starts to break down. However, when using a synthetic blend that meets the API CK-4 standard, such as the new Delo® 400 XLE SAE 15W-40 (Synblend), the oil will deliver the high performance necessary to significantly extend oil drains without compromising wear protection.


Engine Wear

The nature of work in mining and construction often entail stop-and-start (or off and on) operating conditions, in which engines shift abruptly from high loads to idle and are required to be shut off when not in use. The new Delo®400 XLE SAE 10W-30 (Synblend) oil will lubricate moving parts faster at start-up than an SAE 15W-40 oil and will continue to maintain lubrication throughout operation. Furthermore, in colder climates – the use of an API CK-4 diesel engine oil of SAE 5W-30 or 5W-40 viscosity grade can be better suited for mining and construction companies where cold flow properties are critical to maintaining engine protection.


Engine Rebuilds

The tendency in mining and construction is to rebuild their high horsepower diesel engines after a certain period of operation rather than buying new equipment every few years. While this saves on replacement capital costs, it is still an expensive capital proposition. The longer a diesel engine can run before tearing down, the better the overall ROI and potential for productivity improvements. The new API CK-4 premium SAE 10W-30 and 15W-40 oils can be expected to deliver improved wear protection, oil oxidation control and durability protection over corresponding API CJ-4 oils to help extend rebuild intervals.

The new Delo 400 product line, launching on December 1, has undergone one of the most rigorous, varied and exhaustive testing programs in the industry; including the most significant off-highway testing Chevron has ever conducted for a new API category change. These products have seen tens of thousands of hours of testing across several industries besides trucking, including construction, mining, agriculture, inland marine and more. Off-highway equipment operators stand to gain a lot of benefits from the new API CK-4 oils, with a direct impact on reliability, productivity and profitability.

Along with these new products, there will be an advisory program to help customers and prospects determine the right oils for their operations and make the transition to these new oil categories.

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