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Last year, Chevron covered a lot of territory bringing the conditions of Severe Duty to light, and highlighted many of the challenges of operating in these conditions. The trucking industry has undergone a major shift as average hauls have decreased significantly nationwide. As recently as ten years ago, long-haul truckers made of the majority of the workforce in the trucking industry. Nowadays, average haul lengths have shrunk dramatically as businesses are faced with rising fuel prices, increased federal regulation and stiffer competition in regional markets.

As routes get shorter, fleet owners, drivers and owner-operators have begun changing their driving habits as well. Today’s short-haul, regional drivers are far more frequently faced with stop-go driving conditions as they navigate dense population centers, or frequently turn the engine off over the course of a route due to anti-idling in certain areas.

Because of these changing driving habits, truck engines are frequently being tasked with Severe Duty situations that would be uncommon a decade ago. In September, Chevron launched the first heavy duty motor oil to help address these conditions, Delo 400 SD SAE 15W-30.

And in December, Chevron and Ice Road Trucker Darrell Ward hit the road to meet with the truck drivers and other Severe Duty operators to hear about their jobs and lives firsthand. Through California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, Darrell shared countless cups of coffee listening to and learning from the operators on the frontlines, while also collecting donations for Toys for Tots.

In the 11 days of the Truck Stop Tour, we covered 2,385 miles, toured 19 cities, met more than 500 Severe Duty operators, and collected several thousand dollars’ worth of Toys for Tots donations.

Going from truck stop to truck stop, Darrell spent hours shaking the hands and listening to the stories of some of the most Severe Duty on the road.

“These guys and gals never stop amazing me,” Darrell said. “The pressure is on them to keep their equipment running at its best, even in the face of the most severe conditions.”

Below are a few of the people Darrell met along the way:

Gilbert, a heavy duty tow truck operator, has pulled many a trucker out of the most severe situations, whether it’s the side of the road or the side of a canyon. He’s seen—and heard—it all.


Greg, an Iraq War vet and trucker, hauls military freight to help our servicemen and women.


Margaret, a 19-year trucking veteran, has out-trucked and outlasted countless competitors.


Jim, a maintenance technician, has seen it all.


In Severe Duty conditions, there’s more pressure on your heavy duty motor oil to protect engine components. Find out more about how you can identify Severe Duty and properly protect your engine at Delo Severe Duty.

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